Britney Blew

Sexy college coed Britney Blew called the cable guy with complaints that her internet connection kept going out. Colton Jag first checked all the wiring then he plugged in Brittney’s laptop to see if he could diagnose the problem. Just so you know, high quality porn sites work best for testing your internet connection. The good ones will load very quickly and they are a lot easier on the eyes than those other connection test sites. Besides, if you can’t check out your favorite porn sites, what’s the point of having an internet connection at all? Poor Britney had her homepage set to some informational site but she didn’t seem to mind when the cable guy started surfing porn on her laptop to make sure everything was working properly. As a matter of fact, seeing those sexy videos made Britney so horny she fucked the cable guy as a way of saying thanks for fixing her connection. That’s what you call one grateful customer. Let’s hope her boyfriend doesn’t find out!

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Lora Belle

As the saying goes, “no rest for the wicked”. So the Cable Guy set off on another service call. This time Dave Pounder paid Lora Belle a visit and what a great house call this turned out to be. Lora is a hot college coed with a busy schedule that only allows for a part time job so she is always in need of cash. Dave took one look at Lora and told her he could help her with her problem if she was willing to do a little nude modeling (among other things). Lora took him up on it and promptly showed him what she had to offer. This girl is a perfect example of why we love the college babes. Lora was a total nymph and once she got her hands on that hard cock, she didn’t care if her cable ever worked again.

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Jordan Navaeh

Jordan Navaeh is a super cute and freckled babe. She called and asked if we could have one of our guys come out to hook up her phone. We sent Da Captain over to do the job but after seeing the rat’s nest of cable and wires running all over her house it became obvious that we would need to schedule another appointment to do it right. Fixing the phone line wasn’t the only thing on Jordan’s mind. She started coming on to Da Captain as he was assesing the job and taking care of Jordan’s tight pussy was one task he was fully equipped for. Watch as Da Captain plugs his cable into Jordan Navaeh’s box and pounds her tight socket at T3 speeds. Ok, ok, enough with the metaphors. Just let it be said that this is one high definition reality sex scene you won’t mind watching re-runs of!

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Genie Onyx

Cable guy Dave Pounder showed up at his service call right on time at 1:45 PM. He was scheduled to install cable TV and high speed internet for Genie Onyx but she was busy giving her boyfriend a blowjob at the time. Genie was so caught up in the moment she didn’t even answer the knock on the front door. Dave decided to check the back of the house before he went to his next customer and as soon as he looked in the window, he saw what was going on. Genie quickly ushered her boyfriend out the front door and let the cable guy in so he could get to work. They headed up to the master bedroom to locate the cable outlet and Genie said she was going to change into something cooler. When Dave turned around and saw Genie standing there topless with her perky breasts in his face, he knew he’d been had by another horny customer. This petite vixen was still worked up from sucking her boyfriend’s cock and she didn’t have any problem finishing what she started with the cable guy. Genie pushed Dave back onto the bed and sat on his face while she sucked his dick. Then she rode his cock and got her pussy pounded doggy style until the cableguy busted a nut all over. After this sexy customer gave Dave all he could handle, you can bet that he’s planning to make Genie’s house a regular stop whenever things are slow!

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